New Annuals for 2018

Claire spends hours and hours researching to find new and unique annuals that we can offer our customers. This year we are excited to be bringing some beauties. From drought tolerant varieties to shade lovers, annuals add continuous beauty and color to your gardens and containers.. Here are a few examples of the annuals that will be available in our greenhouse this season:

Crazytunia Maniac Lilac Petunia
Striped with lavender and white, this early flowering variety will spritz up your plantings with season long blooms. Semi-trailing. Grows 8-10”. Full sun.
Calibrachoa 'Chameleon Indian
Blooms with an unique blend of colors on single plant that continually changes throughout the season. Great for containers.
Zinnia 'Raspberry Limeade"
Delicious looking flower with elegant green petals and prominent raspberry pink centers. Perfect for summery bouquets! Full sun.
Celosia Kurume 'Corona'
Japanese bred. Has embroidered chenille flowers of soft yellow and cherry red. Outstanding in heat, needs plenty of room to grow its large heads of bloom.
Moonlight Eclipse Petunia
Deep blue violet flowers and striking light green edge. Grows 12-14 inches with 13-15 inch spread. Full sun.
Amaranth Oeschberg
Long blooming, fluffy, branched flower spikes. Birds love their seeds.
Nasturtium 'Phoenix'
Unique saw toothed petals in fiery shades of gold, orange and red. Prolific and free flowering. Bushy stems will spill from hanging baskets and window boxes or create a beautiful border.
Black-Eyed Susan 'African Sunset'
This heat loving vine has five-petaled flowers in warm summery shades. Part shade. Blooms all summer!
Calliope Crimson Flame
a cross between a zonal geranium and an ivy geranium, representing the best features of both. The amazing large flowers, like a zonal geranium, are semi-double and rich in colour.
Petunia Constellation Virgo
What's your sign? There's a Petunia for that! This is Virgo-striped with lavender and white. This early flowering variety will spritz up your plantings with season long blooms. Medium vigor and mounding habit means it won’t overpower mixed containers. Semi-trailing. Grows 8-10”. Full sun.
Amaranth 'Joseph's Coat'
Tri-color of yellow, red and green. Lovely with purple salvia. Thrives in heat. Full sun.
Twilight Blue Petunias
Light lavender blooms. Work well in hanging baskets or as a flowering cascader in combination baskets. Full sun.
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