So Many Choices!

When you buy a houseplant at Carol Watson Greenhouse, not only will you have a large variety to choose from but unlike buying plants from big box stores, you know the plants have been expertly cared for in a controlled greenhouse environment.


You will also get personal, easy-to-follow instructions about how to care for your plants at home. Carol, Claire and Terry are happy to answer all of your questions as well as help you select the best plants for your space and lighting conditions.


From 2 inch to 9 foot plants, needing high light or low light, flowering to just lush and green, we have them all at Carol Watson Greenhouse.



Hoya Plant
Ponytail Palm
Sanseviea Cylindrica
Philodendron Monstera
Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise
Jasmine starts blooming in winter and will continue through spring.
Sanseviera Starfish
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Needs bright, filtered light. Keep soil evenly moist at all times. Feed bi-weekly with a green plant liquid solution during the growing season.
This plant, commonly referred to as “Mona Lavendar” has abundant lavender-purple flowers that complement the dark green leaves (with purple undersides and stems). These plants thrive in light to deep shade.
Indirect light
Also known as the “Lollipop Plant” or the “Golden Shrimp Plant”, this subtropical, soft-stemmed evergreen shrub averages between 36-48 inches tall. These plants grow nicely in well-drained soil. It is native to the lowland areas of South and Central America from El Salvador to Peru.
Sansevieria Lancia
Sansevieria Lancia
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