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Check out our wide selection of Jade! Great indoors and out. Jade makes a great gift and can brighten small spaces, grow big in pots, and add life to terrariums. 


Caring for Jade

Caring for jade plants is fairly simple. Unlike humans, jade plants actually thrive when you ignore them slightly. In other words, don’t over water. You can tell if you’re overwatering if the leaves turn yellow. Wait until the plant is almost nearly dry. 


They also don’t like to get their ‘feet’ wet, so make sure your jade plant is never sitting in water. This also means you need to plant your jade in a pot with a drain hole versus a layer of rock. If you’re potting or re-potting, be sure to use a potting mix specifically made for succulents. Traditional potting mixes are created to hold water which is counter-intuitive for Jade.


What’s so cool about jades is that they retain their own water supply. That’s why when you water a jade plant, the leaves become very plump. It tells you when it needs more water when the leaves start to wrinkle—kind of like our own skin.


Although they can handle a bright filtered light, jade prefers to be in part sun so give it some direct rays to keep it happy and healthy. They like the air temp around 55 degrees during the dormant months, therefore, look for a cooler window or room of your home to place it by during the winter months.

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