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Caring for Indoor Plants

The most important piece of advice when caring for indoor plants is DO NOT OVERWATER OR KEEP WET. Always check soil first by putting your finger in the top 1”of soil or look at color of soil and weight of plant. For some plants like succulents, let them get dry enough so soil pulls away from side of pot. Plants can not be watered on a weekly schedule because the hours of light and quantity varies by day.

Water at soil level, and water the roots not the leaves. Watering leaves can cause insect and disease problems. When plants need water, add enough at soil level for it to reach the roots. If the pot has a drainage hole, stop as soon as the water starts to drain out. Never leave water in saucer. If the pot has no drainage, be very cautious to not overwater. Fertilizer should now be cut to 1/4 of the normal mix that is currently being used for the growing season. Stop using fertilizer by December to give plants a rest until about March. The days will increase in sunlight and your plants will know it is time to get growing again.

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